Nippon Express USA Information Systems - Shuttle


On-line Order Processing System

Transportation Management – Inventory Management – Shipping Order Fulfillment

The various websites and on-line tools heretofore tailored to individual Nippon Express services have now been consolidated and re-launched on the Company’s new “SHUTTLE” website .

Designed to offer flexibility, usability, and scalability, this new integrated website is aimed at further improving customer convenience and satisfaction.

Customizable screens
Logged-in users can edit a range of settings, editing the items and text displayed on the screen and selecting frequently-used menu items.
Multilingual capability
Standard support is available for Japanese, English and Chinese, enabling the site to meet the needs of customers around the globe.
Unified screen design
All screen designs have been unified in accordance with the Company’s design standard to present the Nippon Express brand consistently throughout the website.
Inventory management functions
Customers using Nippon Express’ WMS package will now be able to check via the Internet the quantity of products in inventory and their warehouse receipt/shipping status. These customers will have access to both warehouse shipping information and a seamless cargo trace system via link-ups with transport companies around the world.
Inventory inquiries
The inventory status of products stored in Nippon Express warehouses both in Japan and overseas can be searched and displayed. Producer and consumer inventory management has been integra-ted to provide the needed inventory information.
Shipping status inquiries
The delivery status of products being shipped, regardless of transport mode, can be checked at a glance. This system is tied into the cargo trace systems of other companies.
E-mail notification
When required, e-mail notifications of daily warehousing receipt/shipping status and delivery status can be sent out automatically.
Shipping instruction entry
While checking inventory status, users can themselves enter shipping instruction data.
Other functions to be released regularly