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Custom Brokerage

Established in 1983, Nippon Express’ Customs Brokerage Operations spans the entire United States with licensed Customs brokers located at strategic gateway cities. Nippon Express Customs brokers are trained to provide valuable assistance to importers in the highly technical areas of valuation and product classification, as well as with various governmental regulatory requirements.

At Nippon Express, the focus is to prepare compliant import transactions and to maintain the highest level of integrity with all governmental agencies on the behalf of clients. The firm’s Customs Brokerage Operations continuously meets that commitment to compliance through:

  • Specialized Staff: in most cases separate Brokerage staff working in concert with Nippon Express’ Import Department – Transportation Specialists, allowing for a system with integrity and efficiency. This dual processing increases our costs but allows Nippon Express to provide exceptional knowledgeable customer service
  • Quality: a system of standardized procedures, which are continually validated, measured and analyzed by both internal and external auditors
  • Automation: from pre-advise to pre-clearance, to helping clients provide EDI, to the manual capturing of transaction information and most importantly by using client classification profiles to manage the Customs entry process

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Other Services:

Complementing the Customs Brokerage Operations is Nippon Express’ network of Container Freight Stations (CFS) for the secure processing of its clients’ valuable cargo, along with Foreign Trade Zone and Bonded Warehouses services for extended storage of bonded cargo and the legal deferral of duties and taxes.

Other Brokerage Services:

  • Duty Drawback
  • Customs Bonds
  • Reporting (e.g. Landed Costs)
  • Centralized or Regionalized Entry Processing
  • Post Entry Management
  • Reconcilliation

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