Mass Distribution Direct Delivery Service for B2B2B/C

Nippon Express USA Services

If you are using Integrator to send many international packages, we can save your shipping costs.

Our B2B2B/C delivery service, Direct-Sync is designed for international mass-distribution. We provide service for all of your business partners to be in Sync. You can send your products directly to your end customers to meet market demands. We offer flexible and cost-effective service with in-tact consolidation. Customer service at destination can make further adjustments based on service level. Each package has total visibility, traceable by the customer’s reference number, such as a PO number or invoice number

Mass Distribution Direct Delivery Service

Direct-Sync Service Feature

  • Door-to-Door service specializing in B2B2B/C
  • Offers the selection of Gateway(s) depending on delivery locations
  • Cost effective service with flexibility by offering various service levels and modes of transportation
  • Additional support to make further adjustments at destination by our highly-trained customer service personnel

Direct-Sync Service Benefit

  • Generate better cash flow by minimizing the inventory at stock point
  • Each package is visible from beginning to end which provides a peace of mind
  • We can optimize best last mile delivery depending on distance and urgency
  • Select Single or multiple our Import Gateway hub stations depending on your needs.
  • Consultation to determine the service structure to compliment your needs
  • Flexible and cost effective to satisfy a wide range of markets

How to learn more about Direct-Sync?

You may receive further details and information about this service, its competitive rate structure and/or schedule an introductory meeting with our company representatives. Please contact form with Air Freight as the selected category.