Small Package Service

Small Package Service

Nippon Express provides Cross Border E-Commerce solution.

Cross Border E-Commerce Solution to Japan and Asia

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Small Package Service

B2C Parcel Shipping Service to Japan

@Home.Express is a quality delivery service that is quick, reliable and cost effective. It has complete Internet tracking capabilities for both the shipper and the Japanese end consumer. The service has the ability to reduce or completely remove ‘Inventory Carrying Costs’ in Japan. @Home.Express offers such value added services as e-mail and mobile notification to the recipient at a competitive price. The details of the automated order from import entry to final user are supplied by data. Read More

USPS Global Parcel Services

With our strategic business partnerships, Nippon Express USA can obtain significant discounts on USPS international parcel services. Read More

Small Package Services To & From Japan

Door to Door Service (JetPak)

JetPak service is an ideal way to transport small, valuable items and documents. Repid, reliable door-to-door service goes to and from the US and Japan. Read More

NEU Parcel Solutions

Your One-Stop-Shop for small package shipping both international and domestic.
NEU Parcel Solutions is truly simple, easy, and convenient.
Select from multiple carriers, compare rates, and choose the service most suitable for your shipping needs. Dedicated bilingual customer service support team as well as comprehensive reporting, track and trace features, and paperless & automatic commercial invoice creation.

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