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Japan – the second largest economy in the World

Japan has always been a very intriguing country from a cultural as well as business perspective. With the Internet now revolutionizing the way people shop and communicate, @Home.Express is the opportunity that will enable American companies to successfully reach the Japanese market which has a great demand for American goods.

Increased usage of the Internet

The recent reduction of telephone rates, introduction of free ISPs and improvement of hand held web-browsing devices are among the many factors increasing the amount of Japanese people who go on-line. Many of these consumers are seeking an effective way of purchasing their favorite American products and have visited U.S. sites which do not handle international shipments.

Logistics Solutions in Japan

With its strong customer base, Nippon Express has established a solid position as Japan’s No. 1 air freight forwarder, meeting the two key requirements of speed and dependability. As a market pioneer of domestic consolidated air freight services, we provide next morning deliveries throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. With our warehouse, we offer comprehensive support tailored to customer needs, including information system functions, such as order processing, stocking and dispatch, and tracing of goods in transit, as well as distribution processing functions, including inspection, price ticketing, packaging, set sorting and delivery sorting. We are also able to combine various transportation modes and provide effective over all control of logistics.


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