B2C Parcel Shipping Service to Japan

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Shipping Solutions For Fulfillment By Amazon Service In Japan

Interested in expanding your business to Japan?
Setting up a FBA seller account on Amazon Japan’s platform is easy but getting your products to the fulfillment centers may be challenging for new sellers.
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Why @Home.Express?

@Home.Express is a quality delivery service that is quick, reliable and cost effective. It has complete Internet tracking capabilities for both the shipper and the Japanese end consumer. The service has the ability to reduce or completely remove ‘Inventory Carrying Costs’ in Japan. @Home.Express offers such value added services as e-mail and mobile notification to the recipient at a competitive price. The details of the automated order from import entry to final user is supplied by data.

 @Home.Express Benefits

  • Delivery within 5 business days from many of our gateways
  • Access to status reports, pricing reports, activity reports & POD reports
  • Pricing structure allows decrease on your transportation costs per item
  • Multiple Routing Options and Flexible Airline Space Allocations
  • Expedited Clearance and Delivery Services
  • Better package handling in our customs warehouse adjacent to airport facilities
  • Money due on your C.O.D. orders collected by Nippon Express personnel

 @Home.Express Features

  • All @Home.Express functions and services are provided through our web service.
  • Automated shipping data is processed from your database.
  • Automated shipping notification will be sent to your customers.
  • Our multi-lingual system can print out shipping labels in Japanese and English.
  • We will provide a “Nippon Express” banner on your website for on-line shoppers to track orders.

Additional future functions for better service

  • Barcode cargo checking system
  • Sophisticated stock control system provides sales and back order information for individual items on the Internet
  • E-mail and Mobile Notification