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Southern Cross Liner

From our hub in Miami, the gateway to/from the Latin America and Carribean countries, our Southern Cross Liner offers the air and ocean forwarding services.


  • Over 100 destinations by Air
  • 10 Central America destinations by Ocean
  • Air forwarding services to USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia from over 20 Latin American origins


We also provide the value-added-services to ensure all the requirements are met to prevent any penalties and fines at final destination in Latin American countries.

  • 100% physical re-weighting and damage check at Nippon Express Miami Container Freight Station.
  • 100% physical checking of documents (AWB, Commerical Invoice, Packing List, License, etc.)
  • Schedule adjustment and stroage at Nippon Express Miami Container Freight Station to control the timing of transfer to final destinations to avoid unexpected storage charges.

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