Supply Chain Solutions

Nippon Express USA Services

Clients entrust their businesses to Nippon Express because of its reputation for world-class design and operation of global supply chains for any product. Nippon Express has established a global network of skilled logistics personnel, facilities, and service capabilities, which are linked by state-of-the-art technology and communications systems.

Supply Chain Management

Nippon Express’ supply chain execution capabilities include configuring highly customized orders, as well as assembling and transforming semi-finished items into product variations with exacting standards.

Industry Expertise

Nippon Express has extended its service capabilities to meet specific customers’ needs. Nippon Express’ pioneering, logistics solutions and supply chain services are regularly adopted by other industries, and eventually become the standard practice.

Purchase Order Management Service

Nippon Express can help clients gain real-time visibility and superior control over their global procurement activities with our Purchase Order Management Service, Web-POM. Web-POM is designed to generate efficiency and lower cost to optimize the purchase order management process.

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