Industry Experience

Nippon Express USA Services

Industry Experience

Nippon Express has extended its service capabilities to meet specific customers’ needs. In the process, Nippon Express’ pioneering, logistics solutions and supply chain services are regularly adopted by other industries, and eventually become the standard practice or service.

Consumer Products

As consumer product companies continue their quest for lower-cost suppliers of quality goods, they find themselves sourcing with increasing frequency from Pacific Rim locations, and these suppliers are served by Nippon Express’s high-speed intra-Asia and trans-Pacific shipping services.


Electronics marketers and manufacturers, both for home and commercial use, depend on the collaborative planning and rapid transit abilities of Nippon Express as they race to bring new products to the market before their competitors do.


Automotive manufacturers rely on Nippon Express not only for dependable delivery of critical components to production lines in the U.S. on a just-in-time basis, but also for the reliable transport of parts and materials between all three levels of Tier suppliers, many of which are located in Pacific Asia.


Retail businesses that are struggling with thinning margins and intensifying competition need the reliable and low-cost transportation options available from Nippon Express to minimize inventory carrying costs through channeling merchandise in smaller quantities and with greater shipment frequency to distribution centers, as well as direct-to-store locations.