Purchase Order Management

Nippon Express USA Services

Purchase Order Management

The Nippon Express approach to purchase order management begins with an assessment of the client’s current procurement activities and operations and how well they meet the strategic goals of the company. After finding the weakest links of the supply chain, Nippon Express will propose solutions, which are “executable” and “practical” by utilizing its resources and global network.

What Nippon Express provides:

  • Consultation to analyze the client’s global procurement activities
  • Plan and propose the solutions to improve efficiencies
  • Execute and monitor the operations
  • Managing POs on behalf of the client
  • Reducing total costs
  • Review to make suggestions for further improvements

Benefit of using Web-POM:

  • Better control of the client’s global procurement to plan/schedule/act ahead of time
  • Reduce costs by having an option to consolidate shipments from the client’s suppliers
  • Absolute visibility of the client’s PO status in real time
  • Dual shipping modes, air or ocean, to control the speed and costs
  • Fully linked with all of the client’s suppliers
  • We can contact each supplier and check the ready date
  • Multiple locations near the client’s suppliers to serve the client’s needs