Warehouse and Distribution

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Warehouse and Distribution

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Nippon Express provides the warehousing and distribution network, the best-in-class systems, and the highly motivated personnel to meet the most demanding customer service requirements.

Nippon Express warehouse facilities in North America are strategically located near all major population centers and manufacturing locations. Most are easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation.

Nippon Express warehousing and distribution operations encompass the following capabilities:

Comprehensive Distribution Services

Nippon Express will help you plan a distribution network that optimizes customer service and minimizes costs. Nippon Express will help you determine the right number, location, and type of DCs, including multi-user, flexible-use across the Nippon Express network, or dedicated DC for your exclusive use.

Systems & Equipment

Nippon Express has invested in a world-class warehouse management system (WMS) that complements its highly efficient physical operation.

Perishable Goods

Nippon Express possesses a global network of companies to provides premier handling of “fresh,” “chilled,” and “frozen” perishable goods commodities to and from the United States

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