Systems and Equipment

Nippon Express USA Services

Systems and Equipment

Clients trust Nippon Express because it combines the best personnel with right technologies to help its customers meet their supply chain goals. Supply chain execution today depends on high-quality information systems that not only can perform key task such as order fulfillment and shipping, but that also can feed real-time data on orders, inventories, and shipments to other enterprise systems and even to other trading partners.

Nippon Express’s distribution network provides the following capabilities:

Warehouse Management System

Nippon Express has invested in a world-class warehouse management system (WMS) that provides clients with the most efficient handling of inventory and orders.

Radio Frequency Identification

Nippon Express USA DCs are equipped to handle radio frequency identification (RFID), which is being adopted by a growing number of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, government agencies, and retailers to gain more accurate product tracking, improved traceability, and increased labor productivity.

Special Distribution Service

Nippon Express provides a wide range of special services and capabilities to handle just about any type of product, handling requirement or customer base.