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When you consider that a grounded A380 Airbus squanders about a million euro per day, it underscores the vital importance of superior logistics to the aerospace industry. Nippon Express has built the logistic backbone that connects the worldwide aerospace community, providing repair parts and manufacturing components wherever they are needed, exactly when they are needed.

Nippon Express’ comprehensive suite of logistics services comprises the supply chain for aerospace fleets, OEMs, subcontractors, and other suppliers. These clients trust Nippon Express for integrated solutions that provide full management of the inbound flow of materials from collection points at their component suppliers’ facilities to the consumption points in their production or maintenance facilities.

Contact Nippon Express to learn how to leverage the powerful Nippon Express aerospace supply chain with such services as:

  • Aircraft On Ground (AOG) services
  • Manufacturing Logistics – Line-side Delivery of Materials Fully Kitted
  • Aviation Aftermarket Logistics – Spare Parts and MRO
  • Manufacturing Logistics – Kitting & Packing, Line Feeding


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