Capital Equipment Special Projects


Nippon Express demonstrated its creative capabilities to move a charter shipment with temperature control (23C+/-3C) requirements, MAG2000 sensitivity, and oversize dimensions. We successfully coordinated and negotiated with vendors and airlines which pushed back against the project during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Creative solutions were required to move temperature control cargo with dimensions greater than largest temperature control trailers. Getting approvals from airlines was also a challenging task.


The key account team at Nippon Express pushed the airlines to approve the shipment from corporate level. Concurrently, the Nippon Express Control Tower, based in Los Angeles, coordinated discussions of creative solutions to move the cargo via flatbed from the nearest airport to minimize the amount of time out of temperature control. Additional insulation and secure tarping were used to prevent the cargo being out of temperature and to protect against rain and moisture. All vendors from origin to destination were coordinated by our company, and supervision from each team was provided even during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.


The project was proceeded as originally scheduled. All products were received without shock or tilt watch activation. Weather conditions were fair, and the cargo was handled efficiently by all vendors without damage. Real time reports were sent to customers by our teams in both origin and destination airports. In the end, all 59 ULD’s were delivered safely under five hours from the destination airport.

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