Cold Chain Solution Saves Cold Hard Cash

Freight Forwarding


A global manufacturer of pharmaceuticals needed to simplify and improve its supply chain needs for a temperature-sensitive product. Nippon Express provided a single-provider cold chain solution that provided continuous monitoring with cost-containment.


A global manufacturer of pharmaceuticals was experiencing limited visibility during transport, due to multiple-party involvement. As a result there was inadequate monitoring of the pharmaceutical products. The firm also faced limited options for the specific trade lane, providing almost no flexibility. For the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, whose shipments typically include temperature and time sensitive materials, new regulations posed potentially major obstacles and bottlenecks in the air cargo supply chain. The Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act mandates that 100 percent of cargo transported on a passenger aircraft must be screened at the piece level, prior to being transported on any passenger aircraft. Due to the substantial increase in screening, shipping activities would likely contribute to significant delays that could not be estimated with accuracy.


Nippon Express found a reliable alternative cold chain solution (temperature control at 2C – 8C), which would offer the pharmaceutical firm a one-window view into the cold chain solution. Nippon Express would give the client a door-to-door solution with continuous monitoring, and contingency planning in case of irregular situation. To alleviate delays provided by new screening requirements, Nippon Express is approved as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) and offers pre-inspection, which would reduce or eliminate such delays as well as reduce the risk of transportation damage at an inspection terminal.


Nippon Express provided an end-to-end service offering, utilizing the Nippon Express global network. The solution offers full visibility from door to door, with optimal cost containment and zero damage. The customer is able to download temperature data and has access to Nippon Express contact for support 24/7 for any emergencies. Nippon Express USA is able to pre-screen shipments on behalf of the client at its U.S. facilities, thereby avoiding possible screening delays at the airport and continue providing the ULD In-tact service feature.