Confection Packing Solution Translates to Sweet Savings

Freight Forwarding


Nippon Express solved the time-sensitive and temperature-controlled needs associated with transportation of massive shipments of delicate confectionary products from the customer’s production lines to their final destinations. The client chose Nippon Express’ confectionary logistics services because of the firm’s reputation for optimal product condition, on-time transit record, careful monitoring, and expertise with temperature-controlled requirements. Nippon Express’ extensive network, attention to packaging condition, and customized service capabilities ensure that delicate confectionary products arrive on time in market-ready condition.


A major confectionary producer was shipping chocolate internationally via Envirotainer temperature-controlled containers. A series of large shipments posed a scenario of potential delays and increases in costs to the customer due to the quantity and configuration of materials being transported.


Nippon Express was able to identify substantial cost savings by offering SAFE Pack service. Nippon Express devised an overpacking solutions, utlizing insulated containers and appropriate cooling products, which would keep the freight in-tact and decrease the overall shipping cost without risk to the integrity of the confections being transported.


The shipper realized an approximate 75 percent cost reduction in shipping container/material cost, and the freight arrived on-schedule with no reported claims or loss of product.

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