Critical Aerospace Logistics Management

Freight Forwarding


A leading aerospace industry developer of highly sensitive aircraft parts was seeking a reliable organization to manage the importation and cross-border delivery of their product to the end user in North America. The unique operation required continual monitoring and documentation of the product condition from the time it arrived into North America, while maintaining critical shipment on-time delivery requirements. In addition to monitoring and measurement requirements, Nippon Express was faced with the challenge of efficiently capturing the high-volume of data associated with the records of transportation and product condition and making it securely available to all relevant parties involved in the shipment.


Using our extensive network of offices and transportation providers, Nippon Express developed a solution which incorporated detailed in-transit product condition checkpoints from the point of arrival into North America through delivery to the end user. Additionally, Nippon Express’ Information Systems designed a secure, web-accessible “Critical Shipment Tracking System” to maintain real-time records of the transportation, product condition and delivery documentation associated with each of the sensitive aircraft parts.


Nippon Express continues to achieve highly sensitive aerospace product handling and on-time delivery commitments with over 99% reliability. The immediate accessibility of shipment tracking information and data related to product condition has made the shipper and end users capable of adjusting production schedules and making critical decisions based on the real-time data provided, resulting in drastically reduced delays and significant cost savings associated with post-delivery product inspection.