Plastics Packing Ends Damage & Delays

Freight Forwarding


A manufacturer of adhesives and plastics turns to Nippon Express for a shipping solution to help reduce damage resulting in added delays and increased costs. Nippon Express offered a S.A.F.E. Pack overpack solution that eliminated damage claims.


A major adhesive and molded plastics manufacturer was experiencing ongoing cosmetic damages to exterior product packaging during the shipping process, often resulting in delays, frequent claims, and occasionally damage to the interior product.


Nippon Express recognized the prone nature of cargo throughout the logistics cycle, and proposed the development of a unique overpack system, using a 500-lb., double-walled, half-slotted carton to encase the entire pallet load. The new S.A.F.E. Pack service provided content security, advanced packing design, flexible sizing, and cost reduction compared to standard crating techniques.


The damage and claims being reported by destination were reduced to zero, saving costly follow-up and product re-packaging. The overpack offered a low-cost, low-weight solution to protect the integrity of the cartons contained within the pallet so that the product arrived to the customer in market-ready condition.