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Nippon Express solved the time-sensitive and temperature-controlled needs associated with transportation…
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While consumer goods fared better than most industries during the economic downturn, manufacturers are still faced with unpredictable consumer demand, strong competitors, and unique infrastructure challenges. Nippon Express is helping consumer goods manufacturers overcome efficiency obstacles for operations in both mature and emerging markets.

In mature markets where consumer goods manufacturing and supply chain operations are well established, Nippon Express helps its clients navigate the inflexibilities of legacy operations, maximize productivity and capital investments, and reduce labor costs. The growth of modern retail channels in emerging markets represents a lucrative but narrow opportunity for clients to capture brand loyalty. Nippon Express is helping manufacturers meet the challenges of a more diverse retail channel mix while maintaining manufacturing quality and product safety, particularly in remote or unstable regions.

Manufacturers in all parts of the world are looking to Nippon Express for better ways to meet retailer and consumer needs, including:

  • Cost-effectively adapting manufacturing and packaging processes for point-of-sale customization and differentiation;
  • Optimizing the supply chain network and organizing deliveries to support smaller, more frequent orders; and
  • Introducing flexibility into complex, high-cost supply chains.