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Capital Equipment Special Projects


As part of Nippon Express Special Project services, transporting Capital Equipment on …
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Nippon Express understands the challenges of the semiconductor supply chain. We support some of the most complex supply chains for major semiconductor companies, offering customized service with standard operation procedures to fit your needs.
Take advantage of our 744 locations near you, your manufacturing plant or your customer to support your supply chain.

Nippon Express expertise in the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Devices:

  • Amongst industry leader in Capital Equipment handling volumes.
  • End to end integrated supply chain management.
  • Cater to time, temperature, shock, tilt sensitivity requirement.
  • Optimal solution integrating all modes of transportation and dynamic routing.

Logistics Management for FAB, Assembly, and Test Products:

  • Innovative protective solution thru real-time GPS tracking, specialized pallets, data loggers, and shock absorbing material handling equipment.
  • Comprehensive logistics solutions and value-added services designed and tailored to customer’s unique requirements.

Spare Parts and Wafer Shipping:

  • 24/7 customer support via global control tower.
  • Inventory management (VMI), JIT delivery aligned to production schedule, picking/packing/kitting service.
  • Quality management and KPI reporting.

Finished Products:

  • Final mile distribution.
  • In-transit visibility and various customer tailored tracking reports.

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